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Always an enlightening experience with James Hillman


Guided Healing Meditations with Bernie Siegel


Guided Mindfulness Practices with Jon Kabat-Zinn- Series 2 Digital Download

Wisdom throughout

Marianne’s delivery, clarity of message and examples are extraordinary! I will listen over and over!


I can't share enough good words. This course is amazing. Marianne is great - this will transform your life!


On The Mountain of Tears with John Lee

MLK Jr. and the Element of Greatness with Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson reminds us that good is not enough--that we need to move from good to great, speak our truth and be in the world what we want to see in the world.


King of Togo Togo and Other Stories

Sage Information

As with everyone of his lectures, Mr Hall is both a delight to listen to and a very wise man.


I loved this and have listened to it 3 times!!! Great company for a car ride in the morning!!!! So happy I checked it out!


Indigenous Peoples’ Message To The World, The


Giving Thanks and Happiness with Marianne Williamson

Chanting Breath by Breath with Thich Nhat Hanh and the Monks & Nuns of Plum Village Entrada x


Alan Watts sampler

Very nice, very nice collection of his work, definitely makes me want to hear the full versions

Basket of Plums Songbook by Thich Nhat Hanh

I love the songs!


Indigenous Peoples’ Message To The World, The


Hi there I have not received the CD's at this point, maybe you could check up for me. Thanks


Just want to say thanks and please don’t forget about Jordan Maxwell because he led me to the great Manly P Hall.

Solving the Mental-Emotional Conflict in Your Personal Life with Manly P. Hall


Marianne Never Disappoints

Marianne is a Gift! I will listen to this multiple times and continue to be inspired.

Awesome Mindfull meditation!!!

I’m stoked with this new view of the world. I’m consciously chosing to be present and engaged with the moment.

Worth listening to...

Marianne has always been a guide for me and her words always come at the time when most required. Her ability to explain reflects her clarity of thought and resonates at a deep level. Thank you for everything.

Sanity Maintained

Amazingly claming and relaxing


Love, Chaos & Cupid with Marianne Williamson

Pretty good book on mindfulness

There is a tendency to take a lot of words to say the same thing over and over. The book is good, but it could have been about half as long.