BetterListen Reviewers Program

BetterListen! Reviewers Program (BETA)

Thank you for your interest in working with BetterListen! by becoming part of our Reviewers Program! Following is some information you’ll need to know before applying to be a BetterListen! reviewer.

 Program Specifics

How It Works

  1. If you are accepted to be a BetterListen! Reviewer, we will send you one title to be reviewed on a regular basis. Reviewers will never be asked to pay for the programs we request to be reviewed. We will send you a link from which you can download a complimentary copy of the program. Please do not forward the download link to anyone. Your honesty and consideration in this matter will ensure our ability to continue the Reviewers Program.
  2. To remain an active BetterListen! reviewer, you will need to review titles on a regular basis. If we have not received a review from you with a month of receiving your first download and registration we will consider you to no longer be a participant of the Reviewers Program.
  3. Reviews should be logically constructed with thoughts, points, and personal opinions and should be between 150 and 250 words in length. Remember: you're giving your review, not a synopsis.
  4. Reviews must be posted on your website or blog and/or the social media you participate in (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), as well as on the program’s product page on We also invite you to post your review on sites like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and any other site that you think might be interesting. Please give credit to the BetterListen! Reviewers Program and link back to to the product page on our site ( In tweets, please include “@BetterListen”.
  5. When a review has been completed, email us including links to wherever a review is posted.
  6. Although you may not love every program that you're assigned (we don't expect you to but hope you do!), we do require that the review be tasteful. While want your honest review, if there’s a title that you don’t like, we request that you still be kind in your feedback. Hateful or slanderous comments regarding the author, narrator, or recording will not be tolerated.
  7. BetterListen! retains the right to use your review in promotional and marketing material, without compensation.
  8. Members of the BetterListen! Reviewers Program, do not have permission to act upon or speak on behalf of or, affiliates, authors, or employees.
  9. To leave the Reviewer Program, simply email us at any time and let us know.
  10. BetterListen! reserves the right to terminate any BetterListen! Reviewer for any reason at any time.
  11. If you would like to be an Affiliate so we can track your posts and be a source of income for you, please register for that program here.

I applied but never received a response!

We receive quite a few applications for our Reviewers Program and cannot accept everyone. Generally, we do not send denial notices and if you have not received an approval email within 7 to 14 days of submitting your application, then chances are that you have not been accepted into the program. Applications are generally rejected because the applicant has a limited outreach network, poor writing skills, or we have enough reviewers at any given time. However, if you are still interested in becoming a reviewer, feel free to apply again in six months

Please fill out and submit the Application Form below to get started.

How can I contact the Program?

Email us at or reply to our emails and we'll respond as soon as we can.