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45 recordWelcome to BetterListen!

Welcome to BetterListen! where we strive to create, produce and distribute media for people to live their life better.

Our spoken word titles feature some of the world's outstanding thinkers, educators, authors, and thought leaders.

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About The Founder

When I was young I worked in my father's neighborhood record shop in New York City. We had the biggest 45 collection in Brooklyn. I've been around recordings and media as far back as I can remember.

When I was too young I lost my mother  to cancer. When she passed away I vowed to make something positive out of the loss. I turned to writing. So in college I transformed my writing into  a successful musical Kaleidoscope Grey at The Evergreen State College, the show finished off with a bang and closed on May 18, 1980. The same day Mt. St Helen's erupted for the first time!

After school I started a business recording conferences. At the Association of Humanistic Psychology conference in 1984 we recorded some lectures that would prove life-changing. Some of the speakers were, Rollo May, Armand DiMele, Jean Houston, Lawrence Le Shan, Joseph Campbell and many others. The lecture that I recorded by Bernie Siegel would prove to be one that like a booster rocket correcting course, would guide me towards self help, personal transformation and holistic health recordings, productions and publishing. I could not help but think if Bernie were around years before, if my mom was exposed to him, could his inspirational and profound work have helped her?

After this experience I was compelled to produce and distribute inspirational media. So for the next 20 years or so I produced media designed  to spread healing, wisdom and wellness. I had the distinct privilege of working with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Marianne Williamson, Dick Gregory, Gloria Steinem, James Hillman, Robert Bly, Thomas Moore, Deepak Chopra and many others.

After a decade of developing and producing websites - I'm back with Better Listen!

Better Listen! represents a personal return and re dedication to a more mindful, happy and engaged life - both for me and my family. I look to forward to your input and feedback.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steve Stein

Founder BetterListen! & WisdomFeed