How to play files on an iPhone or iPad:

All of our mp3 downloads / programs cannot be downloaded directly to an iPhone. You can stream the program from your Account or Order Page on the BetterListen.com. Alternatively you can download the files to a computer and transfer the music to your iPhone using iTunes.  Non of our videos are downloadable.  You can only stream them from your link or your Digital Library page on your free BetterListen.com account.

Are you using an iPhone or iPad? Using Dropbox may make listening to your BetterListen recordings easier than using the iTunes library.

First step is to create a free account for yourself at www.dropbox.com. Get the Dropbox app from the App Store on your phone. You might be able to skip the step at Dropbox.com and just download the app right away.

From your digital library on BetterListen on your computer or directly from your phone, choose the mp3 recording title you would like to add to your iPhone and click on "save to Dropbox," which is a choice on the right hand side, away from the "download" and "stream" options below your title.

This will open the Dropbox website and download the file to a folder called "Saves" in your Dropbox account.

Go to the Dropbox App on your iPhone. Go the folder called Saves. Your BetterListen purchases will appear here. Click on the title of the recording. The folder with each of the files associated with that recording will open. Each title will have a speaker icon to the left so you can play the file over wifi, and an arrow to the right with a dropdown menu with choices, including "Make Available Offline," which is the one you want to select.

Once you have chosen to make a file available offline, a purple download icon will appear on top of the icon on the left, indicating the file has been stored on our device. If you would like to remove the recording from your device (and still keep it on Dropbox), click the icon on the right again and the choice to "Remove from Device" will appear where the option to make it available offline appeared in the first place.

To listen to your stored recordings on your mobile device, use the Dropbox app and choose "Offline" at the bottom of the screen. This will open a list of recordings you have selected to play offline. Simply press the play icon and your file will play from your phone, without using the internet and costing you any data fees.

Remember you can "remove from device" at any time to free up space on your phone or device and the files will remain in your Dropbox folder and in your Digital Library in your BetterListen account, which you can return to at any time to reload the files in the event you may need to.

How to play files on an Android phone:

On Android phones, the mp3 files can be downloaded directly to the phone and played from there. You can also stream the program from your Order Page on BetterListen.com. Alternatively you can download the mp3 files to a computer and transfer the music to your mobile device.  You cannot download videos, you may only stream them from your link or your Digital Library on BetterListen.com.

How to play files from your computer:

Click on the link in the email or in your Digital Library on BetterListen.com. This will take you to the downloads page. There you will find the mp3 tracks in the program you ordered, one beneath the other. If you choose to download the files, they will go into your downloads folder on your computer.

You can stream or download each mp3 track right from the downloads page. After finishing the first track, you need to hit stream or download to listen to the next track. (If you would like them to play one after the other, you will need to use iTunes or another media player on your computer, import the files into your library and then play the files from inside that program.)

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IMPORTANT: When you create your account on BetterListen.com make sure to use the identical email address you used when you previous purchased. After logging in, you can click on the My Digital Downloads button on the top of the Order History page to access current and old orders.

Any questions at all contact us service@betterlisten.com