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Walking the Tightrope Lectures Marion Woodman #1 - 10-25-02


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Lecture 1 in the series.
NOTE: These were archival recordings supplied to us by the Marion Woodman foundation. We have used state of the art digital technology to improve and make audible as much of the core material as possible.  The Walking the Tightrope lectures were the series of lectures that Marion gave to those training in what the Foundation called the Leadership Training. The content in these rare recordings represent the core of much of Marion's work.
Walking the Tightrope refers to one of the main themes of Jung's lectures in which he talks about Nietzsche's superman and the need to walk a tightrope.  This tightrope is very much a symbol of holding the tension of opposites.  It is the basis of Jung's lectures from which Marion got much of her theories of working with the body.  These lectures were essential to Marion's work and Marion's lectures are the essential basis for her body work-BodySoul. 
This Walking The Tightrope Lecture was recorded on 10-25-02
Total Run Time: 2 hours
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Based on 9 reviews
Do not miss these! No sound issues for me!!

I want to counter some of the reviews about the sound quality. I had no problem with it. I am thrilled to find these recordings and cannot wait for more to be released.

Brinesse Pfuderer
Deep and thoughtful

The complexity of understanding the subconscious is made lovingly accessible by Marion Woodman who with humour and immense knowledge transports a deeper understanding with her graciousness.

Cindy Jacobs
Walking the Tightrope Lectures Marion Woodman #1

It is such a pleasure to be able to listen to the process and wisdom of Marion Woodman as she works through current environmental and cultural issues through a framework of Jungian psychology and conscious femininity.

Carl Emmons

Walking the Tightrope Lectures Marion Woodman - 10-25-02

preserving Marion Woodman's legacy.

This is a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy that mostly survives in old taped lectures. I learnt a lot from these tapes so I hope more are forthcoming.

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