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Excerpt from "Way of the Spiritual Warrior" with David Gershon

Image-WayoftheSpiritualWarrior Join David Gershon as he explores the first quality of the spiritual warrior – courage and bravery – in this excerpt from his recording “Way of the Spiritual Warrior”.

The seven qualities of the spiritual warrior.  First quality is the quality of courage, or bravery. Let me read a quote. “It requires courage to come out, reach out, and effect positive change in ourselves and in the larger institutions we serve. It requires courage to love.  It requires courage to accept that we ourselves can push the universe into higher states of order.” That’s a quote from Jim Channon, Evolutionary Tactics.  Another quote: “For the warrior, the experience of the tender heart is what gives birth to fearlessness.  Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness; it comes from letting the world into your heart.  You are willing to open up without resistance and face the world. You are willing to share your heart with others.  Without the tenderness, the bravery is brittle like a china cup.” From Rick O’ Shea, How to Be a Warrior.  And one last quote, before we get into actually talking about courage and bravery: “The warrior’s way is not invulnerability but vulnerability -- to the world, to life, and therefore to the presence”. That’s from a book called, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

So what are the qualities of courage and bravery? First quality that I see of courage and bravery is the willingness to say the difficult things. The willingness to say the difficult things, to be vulnerable.  I found in my life, that to achieve is not that hard. But what really became scary for me was to share what made me vulnerable, which was in fact that I might be thought of as less than in the eyes of the world.  That is my self-esteem; when that was put into play when that was what was really at stake, that’s where I found my vulnerability or where indeed had fear.  The way I came to know about that was through my wife, who is one of my mentors for better or worse.  

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Excerpt from "Indigenous Peoples -- Message to the World"


We at BetterListen! are delighted to introduce a series of sample transcriptions from a number or our recordings. With spring in its explosive full force, we feel it is an excellent time to be reminded of the beliefs and teachings of the Indigenous Peoples. Following is an excerpt from our recording of "Indigenous Peoples -- Message to the World."

Declaration: We the Indigenous Peoples walk to the future in the footprints of our ancestors, from the smallest to the largest living being, from the four directions, from the air, the land and the mountains.  The Creator has placed us, the Indigenous Peoples, upon our mother the earth.  The footprints of our ancestors are permanently etched upon the lands of our peoples.  We the Indigenous Peoples maintain our inherent rights to self-determination. We have always had the right to decide our own forms of government, to use our own laws, to raise and educate our children, to our own cultural identity, without interference.  We continue to maintain our rights as peoples despite the centuries of deprivation, assimilation, and genocide. We maintain our inalienable rights to our lands and our territories, to all our resources above and below, and to our waters we assert our ongoing responsibility to pass these on to the future generations.  We cannot be removed from our lands.  We the Indigenous peoples are connected by the circle of life to our lands and environment.  We the Indigenous peoples walk to the future in the footprints of our ancestors.  Signed in Karoka, Brazil on the 30th day of May, 1992.

Global Mind Change by Dr. Edgar Mitchell


Join Dr. Mitchell in a further exploration of humanity, science, fulfillment, what it means to be a human and our place in the universe.

Part of the 3 lecture series, recorded in the 90's are perhaps more relevant than ever.

"I suggest to you that the way we need to look at it is because we are not really physical beings yearning for a spiritual experience.  We are in reality eternal creative beings.  Creating a physical experience and it takes quite a shift in mind set to get your self around that one." - Edgar Mitchell Bio and links

Running Time:
128 minutes
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Beauty Without Nature: Re Imagining The City

BL Hillman Beauty 300Join internationally recognized Jungian teacher and theorist James Hillman, PHD (The Soul's Code, Revisioning Psychology) as he proposes the 21st Century's new urbanism, one that integrates City and Nature into a harmonious whole. 

"We are running out of nature! What beach isn't marred by tar and plastic: what river not bordered by campers and vans: what National Park not become a trailer park? 

Even the night sky fades because of light pollution and birdsong drowns in the traffic's roar. Yet we still go to nature for a beauty that restores the soul. The wall between city and nature must come down..."
Running Time:85 minutes.

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James Hillman - Beauty Without Nature (Re-Imagining the City)
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