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James Hillman
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Beauty Without Nature: Re Imagining The City

BL Hillman Beauty 300Join internationally recognized Jungian teacher and theorist James Hillman, PHD (The Soul's Code, Revisioning Psychology) as he proposes the 21st Century's new urbanism, one that integrates City and Nature into a harmonious whole. 

"We are running out of nature! What beach isn't marred by tar and plastic: what river not bordered by campers and vans: what National Park not become a trailer park? 

Even the night sky fades because of light pollution and birdsong drowns in the traffic's roar. Yet we still go to nature for a beauty that restores the soul. The wall between city and nature must come down..."
Running Time:85 minutes.

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James Hillman - Beauty Without Nature (Re-Imagining the City)
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