If you have not seen No Impact Man and you need some inspiration and motivation to get with the Eco-movement than check him out. He has taken the concept of green, no carbon footprint living, to the level of an extreme sport.

Being a fellow New Yorker and an an ecologically concerned father, I can relate to the challenges of living "more gentler on the earth." In the fast-pace New York workday rat race it is hard to make saving the world and the planet a priority when society is so geared to material success, business, status etc, etc etc...

With my 4 year-old already out of diapers and my little guy just turning two I've been resisting trying or switching from bleached diapers to more holistic diapers. After all, "What effect could one person have???" and "My kid would be toilet trained soon anyway, etc etc." After some research, I found a source for "green" diapers that were the same price as the ones in D 'Agastino's and Stop & Shop.

So, we finally started using less impact diapers, and you know what? They're fine. So until my little guy is toilet trained we'll be living a little lighter on the planet.

There is a momentum to live the same way we lived the day before. OK, I could have started using the diapers sooner- but I'm using them now. This is the first in a series of blog posts dealing with one person's attempt to living with "less impact," greater awareness and more respectful of the planet and our children who will be here to deal with the mess we have made before them.