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Negativity Isn’t All Bad!

Negativity Isn’t All Bad! How to use negativity to benefit you What modern day psychology teaches today is Positive Psychology.  Studies have been done on the effects of positivity.  Positivity feels good and promotes wellbeing and happiness.   In the new age community often times the positive is used to negate the negative.  We have […]

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StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast – Dr. Dean Ornish

In this StreetSmart Conversation, Steve Stein and Dr. Dean Ornish discuss his new book “Undo It”. Fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and even the aging process itself with one simple, scientifically proven plan to reverse disease—as well as prevent and reduce symptoms—from the world-renowned pioneer of lifestyle medicine. You can find the book […]

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The 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Summary: The blog aims to discuss the 7 spiritual laws of Yoga and their roles in the daily life of a person. Larger than the five world oceans together, is the yogic ocean of knowledge and wisdom. There is no end of the spiritual theories. The 7 Spiritual Laws are also a part of this […]

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7 Skills Athletes Can Put to Use in the Workforce

Written By Lucy Tseng, Founder of  Resilientsee Caution: Use of the term “athlete” in this post is not limited to those named Kobe Bryant or Rhonda Rousey. In fact, anyone who considers him or herself an athlete or someone who is active and values fitness falls into the “athlete” category in this case. Everyone knows an athlete. […]

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