From TGIF to TGIN – Hump Day to Friday: a mindful tour of the work week


So it’s Sunday night, Game of Thrones just ended or maybe Billions or maybe a movie on Netflix. Your favorite Sunday night show just ended and you find yourself brushing your teeth and you notice a little bit of anxiety in your belly and you are not really sure why the Sunday Night Blues are creeping in. Then it dawns on you that the following morning, Monday morning, you’re back to the rat race, your back to the grind doing the “Sisyphus thing.”

Another week begins which brings to mind a less than infamous statistic. A stat that rings true, in this “always on,” fast-paced world. Turns out, by far and away, the highest incidence of heart attacks happen, “When? – Monday morning, 9 o’clock.” No real surprise there.

Welcome to to your working week! Okay, you make it through Monday and now it’s up the hill and on to Tuesday.  You get your kids off to school, maybe you make it to the gym after work if you’re lucky …. Tuesday you are still grinding, you are going uphill after a long day, you are ready for ……

‘First a word from our sponsor –

(This brings to mind on of my favorite recent commercials. it’s a Geico Super Bowl ditty.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment and watch here. 

The commercial begins with a camel walking through a modern day office, nonchalantly  saying “What day is it? What day is it? Finally a response, “Happier than a camel on Wednesday, hump dayyyy.” I nearly peed in my pants when the slow moving joke hit me. Relevant to this writing, I am talking about, Hump Day, Wednesday, yes we’ve survived the challenge of the first three days of the work week.

It’s the middle of the week, you’re over the hump now you’re on the way down the hill, breezing through the rest of the week until that magical, mystical end of the work week. The reverent and sacred Friday, thank god!

TG I F – Thank God It’s Friday!

So lets review the days of the work week through a mindful lens. First, lets take a breath, (really take a breath) and be here for the rest of this article. On Sunday, many of us experience the Sunday night blues in fear of Heart Attack Monday, (fear of the future). You persevere and get through Wednesday, to get past “hump day” (again can’t wait for the future). Can’t wait for god to help you get to Friday. Thank god its Friday. So we’ve essentially missed the entire week, but we are good for Friday. Finally a time and day that we are happy to be in the here and now.

Turns out there is only this moment that we ever get to experience. There’s only now.


There’s a parable and I’m going to share. Some of the details maybe wrong, but here it she essence of the story.

“If you were told you have a year to live, what would you do differently today?”

The story continues –

“If you were told you had only a month to live what would you do differently today than you’re planning to do today?”

As the story continues, the stakes are higher –

“If today was your last day alive, what would you do differently today than you’re planning to do today?”

planning to do the pressure is up I’m really thinking well I go to work today I’m care if it’s hump day or Friday or the weekend I’m going to savor the moment

when the question goes today was your last day on this earth what would you do differently then what you are planning to do today and the final question of this conundrum over this conundrum is


Why, would you do anything different today so take a moment take a look at your day whether it’s Sunday night, whether you’re reading this on a Monday, or on hump day. Take a moment to give thanks for this moment take a breath.

So that so that’s why am mindful what if I look at life so I’m adding to the current lexicon with this article we all know about FOMO fear of missing out we all know about JOMO the joy of missing out the value of unplugging.

Now I’m adding TGIN to the lexicon. 

Thank God it’s now take a breath thank, God it’s now TGIF and have a great week have a great now. Have a mindful week, have a mindful moment, TGIN

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