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Dr. Edgar Mitchell Collection on MP3 - On Humankind's Challenges

Edgarmitchells In the mid-1990s, Apollo 14 astronaut and Institute of Noetic Sciences founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell gave three inspired presentations in New York City. For the first time these titles are now available to the public. They are:

•    “Science and the Inner Experience”
•    “Your Universe and You”
•    “Global Mind Change”

These phenomenal recordings, no less relevant now than they were then, emphasize the fact that humankind is facing the same issues today as it did at the end of the last millennium. Putting modern times in the broad context of science, history, and the precarious state of our environment, Dr. Mitchell echoes the sentiment that "God did not play dice" when he/she created the universe. He then stitches these concepts together into an easy-to-grasp and accessible series of presentations that can help listeners to better understand the nature of existence and start taking the steps needed to ensuring a globally sustainable future. Edgar Mitchell Bio and Links

Running Time for
The Edgar Mitchell Collection
of 3 recordings

Your Universe and You: 146 min
Science & The Inner Experience 143 min
Global Mind Change 128 min
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