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The Human Shadow by Robert Bly - 20th Anniversary Edition

The Human Shadow Robert Bly20th Anniversary Edition
(Digitally Remastered)

WITH POETRY, MUSIC AND STORIES, Robert Bly takes us on a thought provoking and entertaining journey. Recorded live at the Open Center in New York City, and edited by William Booth, this audio program captures an extraordinary event for you to listen to again and again.

"Your parents make it clear there are certain parts of us they don't like, 'you're too noisy' ... One image is to say we take that part and put it into a bag. Our independence and feeling goes into the bag, the bag is getting heavy and two miles long."

“You could say we spend our life until we're twenty deciding what to put into the bag and we spend the rest of our life trying to get it out again." Robert Bly Bio and Link

Running Time:
2hours 40minutes
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