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Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Excerpt 2 from Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Mindfulness Meditation Workshop"

JKZ-MindfulnessMeditationEverydayLife-BLIn this transcribed excerpt from the "Mindfulness Meditation Workshop", Jon Kabat-Zinn -- who introduced mindfulness meditation to the mainstream -- tells us how to safely transition out of a meditation session and welcome one's body back into the present.

Before we move, becoming aware of the intention to move, inviting your body to move a little now, maybe wiggling your toes, and moving it around. Just exploring movement. We are the kind of lake or the kind of mountain that can get up and walk around. It kind of makes things very interesting. Doing whatever kind of movement you like, just move the body for a few moments in preparation for standing.
The last thing that we will do this morning in this series involves cultivating balance in a standing position, so whenever you feel moved to seeing how you get this carcass vertical. No joke. It is quite an amazing feat requiring the feet. And taking your time making sure that, you know, so you do not kind of let the blood just rush out of your head. What I am talking about is something called the tree. You may know it. Do not do this on some squishy surface because it is bad enough without the squishy surface. Let’s take a right foot and bring it up as far as it will comfortably go on the inside of the left leg.

That could be below the knee, at the knee, or above the knee with the heel basically in the perineum depending on how your knee is and how flexible things are. Then seeing if you can bring the palms together in front of your chest in a kind os clapping position. You will notice there are a lot of other bodies waving around so it might be helpful for you to pick out a spot on this wonderfully patterned rug. Some kind of an intersection there that is not going to move and that you can hold in your awareness. Maybe 4-5 feet out.

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