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6 Insights from the Ultramind Solution

The Ultramind Solution offers a lot of great insights regarding some of the ubiquitous health problems that have sunk their claws into the western population. Their program has been developed with compassion, dedication, and, most of all, an understanding of the how and why behind many of these health problems.
The Ultramind Solution is aware that health problems aren’t always spurred by a physical catalyst, and they tackle these problems from a wide perspective which addresses mind, body and spirit. These six great insights gleaned from the Ultramind Solution will give you an idea of how fantastic this program is. 

1. Everyone Has an Addiction.

Addiction isn’t just a condition reserved for drug users passed out in back alleys with needles hanging out of their arms. Addiction to food products is far more common than this tragic example, but many people aren’t aware of this.
The fact that addiction generally conjures up such drastic images is part of the reason that most of the western world’s addictions go unchecked. Almost everyone in our society has an addiction to something, and most often these substances make up a huge part of their diet. Some of the most common addictions we face are to:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Trans-fats
  • Caffeine

Eliminating these addictions is vital to the maintenance of good health, which brings us into our second insight.

2. Quitting Cold Turkey is the Best Option.

This certainly doesn’t ring true for people who have substance abuse problems,but when it comes to the most common addictions – dependencies on sugar, fat, and the like – cold turkey is the best option. (Severe caffeine addictions are an exception to this suggestion.)
Quitting an addiction cold turkey will highlight the changes that emerge once you’re no longer dependent. Since most people aren’t even aware of their addictions, they won’t know what to expect once they’ve gone ‘clean.’

3. A Healthy Diet Relies on Four Simple Principles.

Nutritional science has deduced four simple principles that underlie the essence of any complete, healthy diet.

  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. This one’s fairly obvious, since it’s been drilled into our heads since childhood. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of most of the essential vitamins and minerals we require.
  • Eat organic, raw, unprocessed foods. Food that’s purchased at most supermarkets has undergone a lot of processing that reduces its nutritional capacity.
  • Eat foods high in fiber. Fiber is one of the most crucial nutrients for the human body. It’s vital for helping our body remove toxins and for the function of our digestive system.
  • Eat foods high in omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats are incredibly important for our bodies and brains. Our brains are mostly made of fat, so it’s important that we maintain a healthy level of lipids – and omega-3s are the healthiest fats you can eat.

4. Four Rules Underlie the Healthiest Food Choices.

Similar to the four rules that can be applied to develop a healthy diet plan, there are a few rules that can be followed to guarantee the purchase of quality foods.

  • Choose REAL foods. Real foods include fresh vegetables, beans, lean proteins like fish, chicken, or eggs.
  • Choose CLEAN foods. Clean foods involve grass fed meats, that aren’t filled with antibiotics, pesticides, or other unclean preservatives that are fed to industrialized animal products.
  • Choose ORGANIC foods. Organic foods include fruit and vegetables grown without the use of unhealthy pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Choose LOCAL foods. Local foods will be grown in season, which means that they’ll be healthier than food that had to travel thousands of miles to arrive at its destination.

5. The Western Meal Plan is Inefficient.

Most people eat three meals a day – one in the morning, one during the afternoon, and one at night. This practice is so common that most people would consider it strange to do anything differently. However, this is a very inefficient way to absorb nutrients.
Eating small meals at regular intervals throughout the day provides a number of benefits.

  • This can prevent blood sugar spikes
  • Managing your weight and metabolism is much easier when you’re constantly consuming calories throughout the day
  • It becomes easier to manage your mood and anxieties when your blood sugar and energy levels are stable.

6. “Fat heads” are Among the Healthiest People

The term fat heads here doesn’t mean what you probably think it does! A fat head, according to Ultramind, isn’t someone who gorges themselves on trans fats everyday. It’s somebody who consumes a healthy amount of nutritional lipids.
Fat heads eat a lot of omega-3s and other polyunsaturated fats. Medium and short-chain fatty acids are required for proper functioning, and can all be obtained through our diet.

  • Cold water fish, like salmon and sardines, are great sources of omegas.
  • Some varieties of eggs contain omega-3 fats.
  • Nuts and seeds are also very good sources of healthy fats.

These fats help your brain maintain its functionality and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Fat heads also eat a lot of protein, which provides the building blocks for the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) responsible for your happiness.

In Conclusion

The Ultramind Solution has clearly devoted a lot of time and energy to creating a holistic approach to diet and health. Their perspective covers a lot of ground that many diet plans neglect, which provides a more complete healing process.
For those who are looking to unite, heal, or improve their body and mind — look towards Ultramind.

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