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Melissa Straub - Cyber Security For Parents
Melissa Straub is a Private Investigator, social justice advocate, and a licensed Private Detective in the State of New
Jersey. She is a former police detective with specialized training as a school resource officer and has more than 20
years of experience in the field of child advocacy, sex crimes, cybercrime, white collar crime, and fraud issues. She
has testified as an expert witness on social media investigations in New Jersey.
In January 2010, Melissa was determined to apply her passion and commitment to helping parents, educators and
organizations decipher the unknowns of cyber-bulling and founded Without a Trace Investigations, LLC. Serving
as the Director of Investigations, this private investigative consulting firm focuses on cybercrime and related
investigations, concentrating on cyber-bullying, sexting, and internet safety awareness and training.
Demand for Melissa’s deep knowledge of internet safety and cyber-bullying continued to build and, in January
2013, she founded High Impact Youth Training Solutions, LLC. High Impact is a specialized consulting company
that provides educational training and guidance on problems that affect youth, schools, and communities. By
collaborating with students, their parents, and educators, High Impact provides firsthand knowledge to everyone
who is impacted by these serious issues.
Recently in October, 2018, Melissa joined Cyberology Consultants, LLC a private consulting firm that conducts
comprehensive IT Penetration Testing / IT Security assessments. She serves as the Director of Marketing and
Security Analyst. Our mission at Cyberology Consultants is to provide comprehensive, high quality and efficient
penetration testing and IT security auditing services for businesses of all sizes.
In 2016, Melissa was added to the national team of Stop it Technology Solutions, an award-winning technology
company that mitigates and controls inappropriate on-line conduct. Melissa serves as a Cyber Security Expert,
offering ongoing support to schools, corporations and businesses throughout the country.
Melissa was also recently in 2008 was employed within a public school district, where she provided public school
counseling to New Jersey school-based youth services. She offered direct counseling with students and worked on
the development of social media-oriented programs within the community.
Melissa is an active member of several organizations including the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators
Association (NJLPIA), the National Association of Investigative Specialists (NAIS), the American Counseling
Association (ACA), the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), the New Jersey School Counseling
Association (NJSCA), among others, and has been honored for her work by both the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and many school principals and guidance professionals.
Melissa holds a B.A. in Political Science/Pre Law, a Master’s Degree in Counseling, as well as certifications as a
State School Counselor in New Jersey and New York.