WisdomFeed+ Event Schedule

The WisdomFeed+ Community Calendar

Upcoming Live Events

May 2 – Karma and Transformation with Sally Kempton

TBD – Emotional Regression: The Best-Kept Secret in Psychology, Personal Growth, and Recovery: John Lee 7:30pm EST

Past Events

Jan 31, Feb 21, Feb 28 – Yoga and Wellness in the Workplace – Rachael Frodyma

Feb 28 – The Anger Solution: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately: John Lee 7:30pm

Feb 28 – Bringing Mindfulness to the office: Improving Productivity and Well-Being: Gui Hung 1PM EST

Feb 24  – Cultivating Healthy Relationship: Jodi Baretz 4PM EST

Feb 21 – Mindful Parenting with Ashley Baer 7:30PM EST

Jan 26 –        Rick Jarow: In the Realm of Relationship at 4PM EST

Jan 10, 17, 24    Wellness 101: Ayurvedic Wisdom for Modern Times: A three part series with Maria Tabone

Jan 10 –       Dr Judson Brewer – StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast Live in conversation with Steve Stein at 9:30 am

Jan 5 –          Susan Piver – StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast Live in conversation with Steve Stein at 11am

Dec 29 –       Maria Tabone – Taking Stock Of Your Diet Dec at 1pm
Dec 29 –       Sally Kempton – StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast Live in conversation with Steve Stein  5 PM EST

Dec 20 –      Professor Robert Thurman StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast Live in conversation with Steve Stein at 11 AM EST
Dec 20 –      Beryl Bender Birch  – Winter Solstice: A Celebration of Darkness and Light – at 4pm EST

Nov 27  –  WisdomFeed+ Harvest Celebration! A musical and moving experience Quigong and Solstice Songs (live music) with     Steven Michael Pague, Beginners Yoga with Rachael Frodyma Hosted by Steve Stein

November 17  – The Company You Keep: Weeding and Seeding in Relationships with Mark Matousek

Nov 11-14 Time To Chill Meditation Challenge – Jon Kabat-Zinn Beryl Bender, Dr Emmett Miller, Jodi Baretz, Richard Miller and more

November 15  Gratitude Talk and Meditation (our November theme) with Ashley Baer takes place at 3pm EST

November 10 Weeding and Seeding (our December theme) with our very own Jodi Baretz 2 pm EST

November 10  Tapping into Unbreakable Well-Being with our good friend, the Founder of iRest, Richard Miller at 3pm EST

Oct 21  Radical Gratitude with Mark Matousek: The Healing Art of Thankfulness in Troubled Times

Oct 20  Stress Reduction Video with Jon Kabat-Zinn Watch Party with Jonathan Baker and Steve Stein

Oct 20   Gentle Yoga with Cecile de Bretange – A 2 Part Series The Harvest Within-Earth, Water & Wood

Oct 10   Beryl Bender – Harvest – The 4 Great Efforts and Pre Time To Chill Challenge Community Gathering 

Oct 6, 13, 20   Gentle Yoga with Cecile de Bretange – A 3 Part Series The Harvest Within-Earth, Water & Wood

Oct 3, 10 Steven Michael Pague – (Series 2 )- Mindful Qigong for Calm and Clarity – a 3 part series

Oct 2  Sunday Night Reset with Yoga Nidra with Ashley Baer – Special Three Night Series

September 29 Jay Vidyarthi – Mindset Reset – Gratitude and a Mindfulness Practice

September 6 3 pm  Dr Joel Fuhrman Live Q & A – Don’t Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind – Workshop LAUNCH

July 27th 1 pm EST  Jay Vidyarthi – Wise Guide – Wellness Deep Dive

July 27th 2 pm EST  Monte Farber: Mindful Astrology and Wellness Deep Dive

July 27th 4. 30 pm EST Ashley Baer: Mindfulness As Self Care Hosted by Steve Stein

August 4th 2 pm EST JB/SS TNH Tribute Get together: WisdomFeed+ Speaker Event

July 15th at 3PM EST: Rod Stryker Live Deep Dive Into Wellness

June 14th 3pm EST: Deep Breathing and Meditation with NY Times best selling author of Love Medicine and Miracles Bernie Siegel MD

June 15th 7pm EST: Steven Michael Pague – Qi Gong sessions

June 15th 8.30pm EST Session with John Lee – The Breath, The Body and Creativity

April 18 at 8pm EST: Dr. Greg Eckel on ‘New Life’ – Rebirth and Renaissance

April 20 at 8pm EST: Thomas Moore on ‘New Life’

April 25th at 1:30pm EST: Dr Emmett Miller with Steve Stein on Rebirth and Renaissance

April 25: 5 Minutes To Chill Meditation Challenge Begins

April 27th at 7:30pm EST: Jodi Baretz goes live with Steve Stein

April 28 at 7:30pm EST: Richard Miller (iRest)

May 2 at 3pm EST: Stephanie Lopez (iRest) on Rebirth: Meeting Each Moment, Just As It Is

May 3 at 9am EST: Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt LIVE Q&A – Four Steps To A Thriving Relationship

May 24th 2pm EST: to join use this link Monthly Coaching Call with Steve Stein and Jodi Baretz

May 24th 3pm EST: to join use this link Thomas Moore’s premiere of ‘Spring Wisdom’ Hosted Live By Steve Stein

May 31st 2pm EST: to join use this link Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt Premiere Spring Cleaning hosted live with Steve Stein

May 31st 1pm EST: to join use this link Emmett Miller’s Premiere Full Presentation Spring Wisdom, Spring Cleaning, hosted live by Steve Stein

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