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Ancient wisdom (and medicine) suggests that a balanced body, mind and spirit is the key to health. While most of us know this on some level, few people are able to take these ancient teachings and use them in our daily lives.

That’s why WisdomFeed+ is proud to announce our exclusive new online community, built to inspire spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. Alongside experts in the health, wellness, and spiritual fields, we take these age-old teachings and make them easy to understand and implement.

What Is WisdomFeed+?

WisdomFeed+ is an online community of spiritual and wellness seekers looking to develop and grow with other like-minded individuals. It combines expert teaching with practical application and accountability (that’s where the magic happens)!

If you’ve ever worked with a fitness trainer, health coach, or spiritual teacher that has helped expedite your growth, you can picture the development that’s possible inside the WisdomFeed+ community.

As a member, you’ll receive a success framework that enables you to implement practices to enrich your body, mind and spirit in the presence of others who will support and cheer you on.

Who Is WisdomFeed+ For?

WisdomFeed+ is a community developed for growth-minded individuals who want to achieve a balanced body, mind and spirit through science-backed practices that have stood the test of time.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards spiritual, mental and physical wellness or have had a mindfulness practice for decades, there is a place here for you in this community! We’ve developed multiple success paths so that no matter what stage of growth you’re at, you’ll feel enriched and supported.

Why Join WisdomFeed+?

When you join WisdomFeed+ as a Founding Member, you’ll receive all of the benefits of this exclusive online community at the lowest price ever.

  • Meditation resource library
  • Weekly 60 min content to help your progress on your success path
  • Weekly live hosted accountability / community groups
  • Guest expert bonus live teachings
  • Surfing The Tsunami of Change Mindful Solutions Complete Summit
  • Live drop in meditation and yoga classes
  • Help us create this new, practical, mindful, supportive community
  • Make progress along the WisdomFeed+ success path
  • Your price is locked in at the lowest price offer ever

How Can I Sign Up?

WisdomFeed+ is thrilled to announce it is opening its doors to its first-ever online member community on October 21, 2021 and will its doors close on Oct 27, 2021. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience life-changing growth. Join today as a Founding WisdomFeed+ Member and lock in your price at the lowest it’ll ever be.

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