Why Philosophy Will Always be a Part of Our Life

There are loads of people who have no interest in philosophy, and I used to be one of them. I could never understand why I had to take philosophy when my course had nothing to do with it. I saw philosophy as nothing more than just a mere minor subject.

Sure, I would attend classes, but I just secretly wished that the session would end already. I just can’t wait to get off that subject.

I studied AB English for five years, and I had to take a philosophy subject five times. It’s no wonder a lot of my classmates have gotten tired of hearing our professor’s lessons. I graduated not giving a care in the world about philosophy.

I concentrated on strengthening my career. I went through all sorts of struggles just to get to where I am. I experienced being underestimated because I was the only writer in the family. My other relatives were all businessmen, doctors, and lawyers, and here I am writing for a living. I experienced being fired from my job because my boss didn’t think I was good enough. I experienced being yelled at by editors for not understanding language structure more efficiently. There was probably more to the events, but these are the things that are fresh in my mind. As I have gone through these events, I realized that we cannot escape philosophy. Here are the reasons why:

It is human nature

I remembered something very important about philosophy: it is the art of thinking. Like we humans, we are thinkers. It is what we do. Think about it. No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves that we are happy to go, lucky people, before we go to bed or every time we are alone, we always find ourselves in deep thought. It is unavoidable. That is just how we are made. We are supposed to think.

We can’t escape philosophy because we need to philosophize in order to get to our goals. Whether we realize it or not, we have been philosophers ever since the day we were born.

We have the innate desire to reach our maximum potential

Some people are fond of backing out when it comes to competitions. They would say that they are not competitive, but the truth is there are just some people who fear failure.

Even though they do not participate, when the time comes that they are all by themselves, they would start asking themselves what could have happened if they did join the competition. That is philosophizing.

Picture this: a teenager is always bullied. He went through high school, lacking self-confidence. When he got to college, he started to regain his confidence. He did it one step at a time. Once he got out of college and gotten a good job, he made sure that no one is going to bully or take him for granted ever again. People started to see him as a confident and respected person. He was happy. He was glad that his bad experience led to this.

That is an example of philosophizing. Do you see? Whether we admit it or not, we need philosophy to make ourselves a better person.

We cannot, not think

We simply can’t avoid it. The moment you stop thinking, that is the time that you are already in your death bed.

Every second of our lives, we will always be thinking of something, and thinking, my friend, is an act of philosophy.

So, you see? Philosophy is actually who we are. It is an extension of ourselves.

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James R. Robinson is an essayist for Needless to say, he has a passion for words. Most of his relatives are quite obsessed with science. His family is a streak line of businessmen, architects, doctors, and lawyers. He, on the other hand, chose art. He chose to write. Even so, he doesn’t think he’s that far off. Being a writer isn’t all art. It’s a part of science and half art. So, he’s sort of in between them.

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