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What Makes Mindfulness Practices Stick?

Have you ever gone on a truly amazing yoga training or an in-depth mindfulness or meditation retreat and found an enthusiasm and joy that you just couldn’t wait to carry home with you? Your new self feels integrated with the world around you, you love the new friends you have made, and you can’t wait to show everyone how relaxed and calm you have now become.

Then you get home.

And maybe a family member gets sick, or there is a big work project demanding our attention, or you really just want to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite tv show that you missed.  A few days pass like that until we can’t remember where we were going to get all the necessary time energy and focus needed to practice our mindfulness.

That openness, love, and compassion that we found so easily on retreat can seem fleeting in our more worldly state of awareness. What happened?
How do we get it back? Without revealing too much, a good portion of the secret to making mindfulness a part of your life is found in connection…
Cultivating those relationships that encourage, support, and grow our practice. Listen to this great podcast to really dig in and learn how to make mindfulness stick in your life.


In this episode of Untangle, a podcast hosted by the Meditation Studio app, Mindfulness guru Elisha Goldstein, author of Uncovering Happiness and innovator of A Course in Mindfulness, discusses the following five questions…

  1. How do you start and commit to a mediation practice?
  2. What does it take to train our mind to do new things, how to make big transformational changes in our lives?
  3. How do we find a teacher or mentor?
  4. How does mediation help achieve world peace?
  5. How do you find your grounding when you are in a personal or world crisis?

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