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What is Spirituality? A Response From Sadhguru

What is Spirituality? A Response From Sadhguru

A mathrubhumi article presents influential Indian mystic, yogi, and author Sadhguru’s perspective on the difficult question, “what is spirituality?”. Sadhguru claims spirituality is a “way of being,” and that “if you cultivate your body, mind, emotions, and energies to a certain way of being [spirituality] blossoms within you.” He suggests we become spiritual by viewing our own body as the source of creation. In other words, he thinks to be spiritual means being creative, rather than dependent. He also remarks that spirituality is a journey of becoming more and more “boundless,” which implies that he associates spirituality with the process of making ourselves more open, large, and complete. 

Do you agree with Sadhguru that spirituality is a process of becoming more open and creative? What does spirituality mean to you? Share your comments below.

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