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The Process of Wisdom

When you think of what wisdom is, what comes to mind? Do you think of it as knowing things? Being smart? How do you know if something’s wise?

“Wisdom is not something we acquire, we already have it within,” says Michael Mamas, Founder of Mount Soma & the Center of Rational Spirituality. In an article he wrote for the Huffington Post, he talks about how Einstein believed there was one source for all things and spent 30 years of his life dedicated to coming up with a theory to explain his feelings about why and how things are interconnected.

Mamas goes on to describe how wisdom is a process, not just a thought, but something that is initiated by a feeling, working towards a more refined thought.

“Though we may not all come up with a Unified Field Theory, the process Einstein went through is common to us all. Namely, a thought begins with a feeling. As you reflect upon that feeling, you begin to reason. Though they are not quite yet concrete thoughts, things become reasonable. As you reflect further, a concrete thought emerges. So, the process is feeling, then reasoning, then concrete thought.”

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