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The Light at the End of History Preview I with Terence McKenna

We are excited to bring you this excerpt from The Light at the End of History from Terence McKenna.  This talk by Terence McKenna is about how our global culture is preparing to depart for the stars, so we must begin to pack for the trip. He begins with a discussion of botanical dimensions of folk medicine which are lost in pharmacology, and how this is being uncovered by the New Age archaic revival.

“Well, it’s a real pleasure to be here. I feel like I’m over the hump on my work curve. I’ve talked about 16 hours this weekend. I think I’ve pretty much shot my wad. But I have a notebook where I keep all the stuff that I don’t know how to fit in and maybe since I don’t know how to fit it in it’s more interesting than the other stuff. So I thought what I do this evening was just to sort of take the low road with amazing dope tales and cheap shots. And, but before that, I wanted to do a little sort of heuristic exercise and I hope no one will be offended at this. It’s not a slam at the dominant religious powers of our civilization. It’s just sort of an exercise in thought that I found amusing when I carried it out one night under the influence of mushrooms. And the idea that came to me was like this, let me see if I can figure out where to slice into it.”

See the full lecture here.

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