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The Least You Can Do – Dana Wynn – Certified Life Coach Life

by Dana Wynn

It’s that deep breath you take when you’re trying to pull yourself together. Your body knows what to do and it just happens. You don’t think about it, it’s an instinctual moment when you need to calm down.

The deep breath! Stress and anxiety is brutal and although we think we’ve figured out ways to deal with it (does having a glass of wine or three ring any bells?) we’re born with the real remedy. Deep Breathing! Your heart rate is picking up speed, your breaths are shallow, your senses are overloading and everything feels heightened.

Logic seeps out of your pores and boom, you’re in the weeds. It sometimes lingers as a pit in your stomach, that awful feeling that something terrible has happened or will happen. It’s the worst. The question becomes, FOR WHAT? And how do I wrangle this swirl of chaos that suddenly overtook my being? This is the moment, the metaphorical fork in the road. If only we would allow our instincts to take over and continue to have us breathing deeply, we’d be in good shape.

Unfortunately, we tend to allow fear, frustration and emotion to rule the roost. 
Imagine harnessing this beast in moments? Where logic and sensible rationale is immediate, available and effortless. Hakuna Matata Baby!! DEEP BREATHING! It calms down your nervous system. It regulates your temperature physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s backed by decades of science and is, by far, the most powerful and effective internal tool we’ve got.

This leads us to the next question which is, WHY DON’T WE DO IT? It can be scary to sit with ourselves and our thoughts, it brings up issues that have to be dealt with. I believe most think they don’t have time or they can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes, it’s hard to slow down. The funny thing is, we know we have time, we know we can spare three minutes, we know when necessary we have control over our minds, we just don’t make it a priority. 
You gotta be in it to win it! It’s my favorite slogan because it’s not debatable, it’s a fact! It’s a shift in perspective. Try it, it just might change your everything.

You need to have faith and be consistent in order to reap the rewards. Lucky for you, you’ll notice a difference immediately. Controlling the breath wouldn’t still be a thing if it didn’t profoundly change peoples lives. It’s much more powerful than you might realize.

Deep breathing brings more oxygen to your cells, it lowers blood pressure, lowers cortisol levels, positively affects the heart, brain, digestion, and even the immune system. This is your life, it’s worth the time. Which brings me to time, what is it? Do you really not have a few minutes? Can you breathe deeply while doing other things, instead of carving out time? I think so, in fact I know so, (bathroom anyone?) which brings me to my second favorite slogan, JUST DO IT! The hard part is the anticipation, not the doing.

We all know that getting into the workout outfit is half the battle of exercising. If you’re in the outfit you’re halfway there. If you get dressed and go to the party that you’re unsure of, it’s always better than you thought it would be and you usually end up having a great time. 
The bottom line is deep breathing is not only life changing but it’s one of life’s simple pleasures, don’t miss the boat. Make the commitment, find the three minutes and prioritize your health and well being. It’s literally, the least you can do.

Fortunately for you our mini challenge starts soon, here’s special access to the new quick deep breath meditation WisdomFeed will be using in the upcoming mini meditation session.

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