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The Hidden Causes of Human Behavior with Manly Palmer Hill Part II

We are pleased to bring you part II of our first excerpt from Manly Palmer Hall.  The Hidden Causes of Human Behavior is profound and illuminating. You get to experience philosophy, mysticism, and astrology all rolled into one.  We hope you continue to enjoy this special edition audio title…

“All true and essential progress is built upon faith. All false progress, leading ultimately to destruction, is built upon fear. In each human being, the elements of fear and faith are in continual conflict. Fear causes the person to seek to survive, placing the survival, or the status quo, above every other consideration. Fear is, therefore, the basis of compromise.

The individuals striving in every way possible to protect himself against that of which he is afraid will fall into the most dismal misdeeds in the effort to put off some evil day of reckoning. Fear then is an ever-approachable area in the human subconscious, fear of loss, fear of ridicule, fear of isolation, fear of poverty, fear of sickness, fear of death, fear of the law. All of these fears have been used from time immemorial, in the effort to control human beings.

As long as man can be controlled by fear, one fool can rule another. As long as fear places all advantage on the level of false power or authority, the despot does not need to be particularly wise. He is not particularly wise, and in the course of time, almost all of his despotism falls apart, but not until he has done a great deal of enduring and painful damage. And has left the world a heavy burden of debt to be passed on to future generations.

A principle agency that we have against fear has been faith, and faith has been founded, for the most part, upon the religious convictions of man. The story of man’s struggle to be better than himself is a story of religious effort. This does not mean that religions have always been right. This does not mean that many religions have not had within themselves a great element of fear. Some religions have used fear, and used it very unwisely, perhaps setting thereby the example, which is brought back to the karma of non-religious persecution.

But fear in religion, even when it has been perverted, has largely been used in an effort to cause the individual to keep faith with something superior. It has taught him the importance of some kind of basic ideal, it has taught him to honor his creator. It has taught him honesty, a measure of honor and integrity, and has made him sense the importance of preserving the dignity of his own soul.

These forces, regardless of their periodic corruption by pressure…these forces have basically been at the foundation of practically all human progress. Practically every leader to whom we now turn with respect, in memory or in history, was a person who had some kind of internal faith. Some kind of conviction that there were rules and principles beyond man, and that these must be obeyed. It is such a basic concept that has given us the rules of practically every culture, science, art, and philosophy that we know.”

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