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The Anxiety Miracle with Dr. Todd Pressman Preview I

We are proud to bring you the first excerpt from The Anxiety Miracle with Dr. Todd Pressman. In this life-changing program, Dr. Pressman will teach you how to remove anxiety from your life, search deep within your mind to release anxiety and live the life you deserve.

“As I mentioned, I’ve been a psychologist and life coach for about 27 years, as well as an author, speaker, and seminar leader in the field of human potential. I was originally trained by a father whose teachers were taught by Sigmund Freud. So I like to call myself a third generation Freudian. I grew up listening to my father tell fascinating stories about what it was like for his teachers to sit at the feet of the master. He also talked about the early days of psychiatry when the most advanced treatment was hot and cold baths for schizophrenics.

Freud and the behaviorists made their contributions, but it was with the arrival of the human potential movement that things started revving up. This was when I was coming of age, and I remember hearing ideas like “All is oneness” and “Everything is made of consciousness.” These concepts hit me like a ton of bricks. Without really knowing what they meant, I intuitively got that they were right. Those were the beginnings of my own search to understand the power of the mind.

Then in 1982, I had the great fortune to travel around the world and meet with some extraordinary people. First, I studied with a Zen master in Kyoto. As he performed tea ceremony or rake the pebbles of the rock garden, he would teach me about simplicity, what he called “The emptiness that is full.” In Bombay, I met a Zoroastrian high priest who proudly told me that his religion was the first to believe in one God. He was utterly devoted to the idea of the oneness of all things and was about the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met.

I witnessed authentic fire-walking in the jungles of Sri Lanka. As the drums and incense were going, the fire walkers were doing a wild trance dance getting themselves into an altered state. With this, they could transcend the laws of physics so that the fire would not burn them. Similarly, in Bali, I was in the presence of Hindu fakirs, mystics who believe they were embodying the powers of their gods. I watched them “give flesh” as an offering to the deity they were honoring. And there was no blood or any evidence of pain.”

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