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The Anxiety Miracle with Dr. Todd Pressman Part 2

We have part two of our excerpt preview of The Anxiety Miracle with Dr. Todd Pressman.  Complete the program and fight back against your anxiety and depression to live the life you want to live.

“The first exercise, power breathing, is a way of stimulating the frozen energy of our anxiety so that it can break free of its holding pattern to be released. It’s actually based on a remarkable technique I work with called “transpersonal breathwork” that opens up the mind to other dimensions of its infinite potential, where transpersonal breathwork involves power breathing for a solid hour and a half to two hours, accompanied by some very evocative music. For this exercise, we only need 20 to 30 breaths, roughly, to begin unfreezing the blocked energy. The technique goes like this.

When you are feeling anxious, simply start breathing very quickly and very deeply for 20 to 30 breaths, or perhaps a little more if needed, until you feel the anxiety coming up and out of you like a strong release of emotion. It doesn’t matter whether you breathe through your nose or your mouth, or both. Just take in a lot of air and blow it out very quickly and very deeply. As the emotions start to come up for release, you may well feel like crying or making some other sounds. Let this happen. It is simply the discharge of the energy you have been containing and will bring great relief. You don’t want to hold this in. That’s what the exercise is designed to get out. Again, the breathing is just a tool for mobilizing the energy that has been stuck inside you so that it can come out.”

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