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How Boomer Yoga Started

Beryl Bender Birch, the renowned yoga instructor who developed “Power Yoga”, now brings us “Boomer Yoga” for practitioners “of a certain age.”  Following is an excerpt from the introduction from her book Boomer Yoga: Energizing the Years Ahead for Men & Women. The whole idea for Boomer Yoga started when I realized that I couldn’t […]

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Which Yoga Pose Are You?

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Excerpt from "Yoga of Ordinary Living" by Robert Thurman Preview 1

We are pleased to offer this excerpt from Robert Thurman as he talks about the road to spiritual discipline and how to achieve it in the reality of our daily lives.
Vimalakirti’s teaching, this scripture is specially known for a number of its doctrines. In one respect it’s known as a…as I say, because the main figure in this scripture, although Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha is in the scripture, and that’s the usual main figure in all Mahayana and Hinayana or Terevada teachings, but the main figure in the actual main teaching part of the scripture is Vimalakirti, this man who is a layman, who is introduced in the second chapter
actually as the inconceivable skill and liberative technique. In a certain sense, he himself is an incarnation of liberative technique. And he is known for the fact that therefore he is a symbol of a layperson, an ordinary person who lives an ordinary life involved in the ordinary world.  Having the enlightenment that in some respects is equal to the Buddha’s enlightenment.
Now this of course might not surprise us for the wrong reasons (laughing), being westerners.  If we have an idea that Buddha’s enlightenment is sort of, a kind of, like Voltaire or like Lichtenstein or Einstein, or something that’s kind of intellectual only, you know, then that would not surprise us for the wrong….., you’d think “Well, why couldn’t anybody else be as enlightened as the Buddha”. So that would be not being surprised for the wrong reasons. If we understood for the right reason, how a Buddha is understood in the Mahayana, where a Buddha is an evolutionary stage, that a living being attains, wherein their body is as perfected as their mind, that is that enlightenment is an achievement by the body as well as by the mind, where it’s almost…, it is actually not almost, but is actually more than becoming God to obtain Buddhahood.

Original Be Here Now Talks - Transcribed excerpt Part I


We are thrilled to offer these rare lectures recorded live in NYC in 1969. Available for the first time in digital download, these talks given by Ram Dass went on to become the basis of his international best-selling book Be Here Now.  Following is a transcribed excerpt from one of these seminal teachings.

We are also extremely pleased to have the inspired artwork of Peter Max on this digital download cover.

" I think life is just a game, then I am taking from it the meaning of its acts. I am denigrating the precious nature of the life process.

Do you think the man that made the music stand was able to make a more exquisite music stand because he was not attached to making a music stand?

Do you think he really got closer to the essence of music standness because he did not remain in subject object relation to the music stand? That’s the issue.

Let’s say you want to get close to somebody. Do you get closer to them through playing out the love story of Hamlet? Or do you get closer through getting beyond the interpersonal, beyond the subject/object to the place where both of you are one consciousness? If we can be us here, us, more us, just here and now us, forget where you came from, where you are going, that I’m talking, that you’re listening, here we are, just us and more us and more us and more us and finally right here on this world, right there here, huh -- here we all are.

How much intimacy do you want? I can feel it. I can be it. Do you think we would be any closer if we were all rolling on the floor together? Really? The thing you are seeking, the very thing you are seeking in life is so within your grasp if you but only know how not to grasp for it. It’s already here. It’s here. "

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