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Excerpt from "Boomer Yoga" by Beryl Bender Birch - Part 2 of 3

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Here's the second part of the Introduction from the fantastic book by Power Yoga pioneer Beryl Bender Birch - Boomer Yoga: Energizing the Years Ahead for Men & Women.

This book is for all of us — the baby boomers — born between l946 and l964. Who are we? Well, we are a powerful group, we do know that much because we sure get a lot of attention from a lot of different venues. We know that we aren’t our parent’s generation. We aren’t geriatric, at least not yet. We are healthier, we are living longer, and we are doing stuff our parents never dreamed of. We have spent a lot of time working on success. We have lots of nice things. We have beautiful homes. 

We’ve weathered tough times and survived. Our kids are growing or grown and having kids of their own. And now we are looking around thinking, Okay, I’ve done this “success” thing. I’m comfortable, I’ve prospered, I’ve accumulated some sense of “security,” but I’m not quite all that satisfied. There is something gnawing away at me, a restlessness, a subterranean yearning to know the deeper meaning of life. There is a movement we can feel, a perceptible but welcome shift.  For all of you who are moving into the middle of life and noticing change — maybe for the first time, maybe for a while now, or maybe not yet — here is an extraordinary, simple, ancient methodology that will help you to know your True Self. This is not a one-size-fits-all-yoga-class. This is a means for evolution, your own evolution. Where it takes you is where it takes you. It will be different for everyone who climbs on board. Whether you have been doing an asana yoga practice for years and years or have always wanted to try yoga, this can point you in the right direction easily and gently. 

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