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Step Up, Lead and Be the One! with Jonathan Sprinkles Preview 2

We are excited to bring you to preview II of Step Up, Lead and Be the One! with Jonathan Sprinkles.  In this course, you will all learn how to sell yourself and your ideas, maintain a positive attitude of expectation, thank others with sincerity, build your confidence, keep yourself motivated and much more. Regardless of your title or level of experience, learn how to be a Change-Maker in your organization, as well as in your personal life. It’s time to take charge of your circumstances and be the one!  Please enjoy this excerpt…

“Not just hoping for it, but owning it. Saying, “This is my project, this is my chance, this is my purpose, this is mine and I will be the one to see it through to completion. I’m not committed to trying, I’m committed to winning. I’m not committed to my efforts, I’m committed to an outcome. It means that even if nobody else ever has, that maybe it meant that I was meant to be the first. It means that I am the one who in my family is gonna turn things around.”

I was changed and challenged to do that, as well. You know, my family is the type of family who we don’t like to say I love you a lot. We’re more of the type who will just show it. Does anybody else have a family like that? You know, not a whole lotta love dove kissy huggy stuff over here. You know, it’s like, “Hey, dust yourself off, get out, and let’s go.

And that’s the way that we love you. You know, we love you by doing things for you. We’ll show up to your game or we’ll give you a nice gift, but don’t make us say the I-word.”

Well, the part that I told you was that I was very close to my father. What I didn’t tell you was that when I was in high school about my freshman year, he passed away from cancer. I remember being at a place of being really low and…”
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