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Solving the Busyness Problem

A Mediate article discusses how to solve the problem of being constantly busy in today’s world.

“In our culture today we hold the word “busy” as a badge of honour. If we are not busy, it feels somehow like we are failing or getting left behind in this fast-paced world. So then we fill the white spaces in our calendar to make it look like we are really busy and we end up spreading ourselves too thin. Recently, this notion of busyness has been present in many coaching sessions with clients. They start by proudly exclaiming how busy they are and their excitement slowly settles into the bags under their eyes. They are exhausted, they are so busy with little tasks that they are no longer able to focus on the core of their job – leading their staff. The tasks of the position have overwhelmed them (for multiple reasons) and they no longer feel that they have enough time for their staff, for themselves, or for their family and friends.”

The author of the article, Jason Dyksta says that in reality our problem is not busyness problem but a “priority problem.” These problems aren’t necessarily caused by the “system,” but by our inability to set priorities in our lives. The solution to the busyness problem is to set priorities so that we get to do what truly matters to us the most.

Check out the rest of the article here.

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