Reflection on The Year


We all have one thing that we reflect on each December. How did the year pass us by? Some more than others. The end of the year is usually a time for reflection, however, we always seem to find ourselves asking that same question each year. How do we put ourselves in this same situation each and every year?

Keeping our minds and bodies so busy makes for a busy life. Our minds never stop “running”, even when we sleep. When we are awake, it’s a non-stop train. From work and family to social media and events.

Some consider it a never-ending story, a losing battle if you will. So if you start your year like that, you will end your year like that. How do we put the car in neutral? As people, we always rush and have to get where we are going as fast as we can to continue the next day even faster. The onset of the digital age did not help things. The distractions are everywhere.  The key is to slow down…

The good news is that people are starting to discover Mindfulness and learning how to focus on life and enjoy every day.
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  • Michelle W