Philosophy Cafes: Cultivating Wisdom in Coffee Shops


 Philosophy Cafes: Cultivating Wisdom in Coffee Shops

According to a Japan News article published this week, “philosophy cafes” are becoming more popular in coffee shops and community centers across Japan. A philosophy cafe is a discussion circle where a handful of people meet in order to deepen their existential understanding, wisdom, lifestyle, and beliefs. Typically, the discussion organizer prepares a thought-provoking discussion question once a week (such as “Is it Ever Okay to Lie?”), and the group gets together to discuss responses, ideas, and solutions to the question for two to three hours a session. Philosophy cafes provide oppurtunities for people to talk about deep topics they normally don’t get to discuss in day to day life. One is not required to have a background in philosphy to join a philosophy cafe, as the discussion thirves off of multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and interests. Through philosophy cafes, one is able to increase wisdom, connect with interesting people, think in new ways, solve practical dillemas, and expand awareness.

Why not join or organize a philosophy cafe in your local area?

Check out the Japan News article here.

–Matt Rosenblum 5/25/2016


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