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On Work and Career

We are delighted to bring you recordings from Marianne Williamson’s live lecture series taking place weekly in Los Angeles.  Here’s an excerpt from her talk on “Work and Career”, recorded in January 2010.

…when I’m needy —  hello! —  I feel I need this job; therefore regardless of how much I control my behavior, all lines are joined. Everybody subconsciously knows everything. People can feel it, right? And that does not attract abundance. It actually repels abundance.
What attracts abundance? Abundance. So if you want to work in the world, if you want to have that be less about the sand moving and the winds and the rains knocking you over, if you want to stand on the rock — it’s about knowing my job is that I’m here as a loving person to the best of my ability. That is my job. And if I’m in a job interview, that’s my job. If I’m doing anything else as the world defines it, that’s my job.
And then in the absence of that level of hunger, in the absence of that level of neediness, because you’re vibrating at a higher level, what it does is it invites the higher level experiences. Abundance attracts abundance. But you can’t… you know sometimes people take that —  and with this kind of half-baked understanding — and they go into this kind of mantra, “I am working, I am full. I am working, I am full,” thinking that that will attract work. That’s mental. That’s trying to apply mental power but it’s not spiritual power.

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