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Mindfulness and Peak Performance with Dr Michael Gervais

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Michael Gervais, the Sports Psychologist for the Seattle Seahawks, is a high-performance psychologist, he works in the trenches of high-stakes environments, where there is no luxury for mistakes, hesitation or failure to respond. Dr. Gervais’ client roster includes MVPs from every major sport, Fortune 100 CEOs, as well as internationally acclaimed artists and musicians.

His goal is to unpack, then decode how the greatest performers in the world use their minds to pursue the boundaries of human potential. To accelerate that aim, he has curated conversations with those who have dedicated their lives to becoming the best in his podcast, Finding Mastery.

In StreetSmart Wisdom, host Steve Stein interviews various best-selling authors, experts, and thought leaders in the self-help community and helps bring their messages down to ‘street level’ to make these vital concepts accessible to every day people.

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