Meditation on Kittens

Photo by Carolina Barria Kemp

Maybe this is why the internet is full of cat pictures – kittens can help you meditate! By having a living, loving being right in front of you, it’s easy to practice lovingkindness. There are so many objects we can use in our meditation practice. Have you tried offering lovingkindness to an animal? Give it a try!

“I prepare myself for metta meditation by imagining a little kitten. I like cats, especially kittens, so my imaginary kitten is to loving kindness as gas is to a flame. I need only to think of my little kitten and my heart lights up with metta.”
You can read more about this teacher’s experience of practicing metta on their cat in this excerpt from Ajahn Brahm’s book, Kindfulness, posted on Tricycle’s website.

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