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Pema Chödrön

Look For Something Magical in Your Day

It may take a bit for many to understand and learn the concept of Mindfulness.  Maybe we should start by understanding the concept of the Gap as Pema Chodron (Buddhist Monk and author) and KD Lang (Musician, singer, songwriter) recently discussed on a live stream.  They had a conversation that may help to communicate it a bit better.  Sharing this may give anyone a better understanding of mindfulness.  They explained that the Gap is simply just understanding the presence of now and noticing the world around you.
The sky, the trees, the birds and even the river racing past you.  The Gap is realizing the world around you.  The Gap exists in everyone’s life no matter your age, gender or religion.  Gap moments happen as you walk your dog, hike up a mountain or even stroll through the park and just breath.  What are your Gap moments?  When do you allow yourself to breathe deeply from the inside out?

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