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Karma & Transformation – Sally Kempton

Join Sally as she teaches a three-week course on Karma, Relationships, and Transformation, where we will delve into some of the teachings on Karma from the Indian and Buddhist traditions. Through this course, we will contemplate how karmas of different kinds impact our lives and view our own lives as expressions of the karmic conditions we came in with and the ones we create in the present time.

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This three-part class brings to life the yogic teachings on karma, challenging myths and offering guidance on how to understand the workings of karma in your life and the lives of others. By participating in this course, you will gain clarity on the distinction between the karma you are born with and the karma you create, and explore practices for transforming karmic difficulties. We will also examine how relationships are often the result of hidden karmic agreements and how yoga and meditation interact with karma.

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This workshop is designed to give you powerful insight into your life’s journey, and provide you with meditations, self-inquiry practices, and real tools for transformation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Karma and how it impacts your life.

Among the topics we’ll explore:
• Types of karma and how they work,
• How to know when an unexpected event is destined,
• Karmic relationships and how to change them,
• Breaking through ties that bind,
• Changing your karma: what can and cannot be transformed,
• Can we take on others’ karma?,
• How to know when you’ve completed a karma,
• Turning difficult karmas into blessings,
• And much more.

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