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I Hate the Beach: Psychology of Anger

This weekend I realized I hate the beach (sort of). I do most of my reading on my smartphone, and it was too sunny to see my screen. So I sat in my beach chair trying to figure out how to relax, but I felt restless. I looked around and saw everyone else relaxing and having fun—why couldn’t I? Don’t people go to the beach just so they can relax?

I thought maybe some meditation will help, so I sat and paid attention to my breath for a few minutes. That’s when I realized I was angry! I knew from my psychology studies that anger means I’m not getting my needs met. I asked myself what I wanted and needed, and realized that I wanted and needed to get some work done. That’s essentially the exact opposite of what the beach is supposed to provide—relaxing time away from work!

The real reason I didn’t enjoy the beach this weekend is that I wasn’t paying attention to myself enough. I got caught up in the excitement of what my family wanted and needed (a break from work), that I neglected to pay attention to what I most needed (to work more, as I had plenty of breaks already in the past few weeks).

P.S. Do you ever feel angry and annoyed as I did at the beach this past weekend? Is it sometimes difficult for you to know what you want and need? Check out The Anger Solution by John Lee for a unique and powerful approach to anger and rage!

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