How to Steer Clear of Fake Psychics

Written By Sally Phillips

Humans are vulnerable creatures, and there are many among us who seek out psychics to help us with our mental and physical well being. In fact, statistical studies have shown that the number of people visiting psychics is at an all-time high. This is because many people believe that such individuals have the ability to deliver useful advice and guidance (quite often from the beyond) to help them get through emotionally challenging times.

However, with that being said it is important to recognize that there are a lot of fake mediums in the industry. These scammers can rob us not only of our money but can also completely shatter our spiritual and mental well-being. Lastly, false practitioners often use means of controlling individuals that can cause long term trauma if continued for too long. Thus, in this article, we aim to educate people about certain measures that can be taken in order to ensure that we meet the right person.

How do I make a smart choice?

  • Always do a thorough background search: we now live in an era where it is extremely easy to do a search on somebody’s history. Through a simple search online we can identify whether a psychic has a good reputation for helping out other people in the past. In fact. readers will be interested to know that people can even check with our country’s ‘Better Business Bureau’ to see if there are any prior complaints against the medium we might be looking to visit.
  • Look out for personal testimonials: this is the best way of seeking out a skillful medium/ psychic. It is always suggested that people try to find other individuals who have been to the medium we are considering and speak to them. This can allow us to clear all our doubts, speculations and therefore come to a definitive conclusion.
  • Extremely cheap readings should set off an alarm: if we come across a psychic who is offering his/her services at an extremely low-cost, we should immediately become wary of the fact that it could be a potential long term scam. These schemes may start off as innocent readings/ channeling sessions but can quickly morph into long term money drainers.

Where do I begin my search..?

This is the question that is often the trickiest to answer. For starters, we can begin by looking up local physics in our area by doing a quick online search. Similarly, there are many organizations like the IPA (International Psychics Association), AAP, IPD that we can get in touch with. These organizations only consist of accredited members who have a track record of having helped many people over the years.

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