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How to be Healthy without Pills

In today’s fast-paced world it is so easy to cure a variety of ailments by popping a pill into your mouth. After popping that pill, before you know it — all is well. Or is it? We are all exposed to an array of germs and illnesses on a daily basis, whether through public transportation, work, or just going about our day. So it is hardly surprising if at some point you pick up germs and become ill yourself. It’s normal to catch a cold and experience the discomforting symptoms that go with it, but have you ever considered an alternative way to cure your cold than taking a pill?

Taking a few steps back to think about the causes of illness and potential ways to prevent future illness is worth the effort. For example, taking a daily cup of echinacea tea or a daily vitamin C and zinc supplement or having a daily green smoothie can build your immunity and prevent the onset of a cold in the first place. It is also worthwhile to take responsibility for your health and wellness instead of depending on a pill. As Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician and bestselling author states,”You need to take healthcare into your own hands…and leave disease care to the medical system.” This school of thought is that you are your own doctor, which makes sense because no one understands your body and its symptoms as well as you.

If an individual is suffering form depression or anxiety, our instinct as a society is to suggest some sort of drug as a treatment. But perhaps regular exercise and eating well could be a more effective prevention method and cure to these ailments. Our gut is now being called the second brain, because it can sometimes determine what is good for us before the brain can. We are now aware of how intuitive your gut is in letting you know when something is askew.

Getting to know your body, its workings, and how it reacts to illness is an essential part of life these days. Stress, pollution, poor diets, and environmental pollution are among the few factors that muscle in to create havoc in our body systems. So prevention is always better than cure and if good health is wealth to you, I suggest you incorporate daily habits into your life that allow you to take responsibility for your health and wellness instead of relying on pills. 

Written By Ashwina Gohil

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