In the digital age, many of us are becoming more and more mindful of people, actions and situations surrounding us, but not only with mindfulness, with technology.  Everywhere you go, you will see people with their faces in some kind of electronic device.  Take a look around at a little league game, a restaurant, a doctor’s office, or even at our dinner table.  Make a reservation, a doctor’s appointment, pay a bill or even order dinner – all through your phone.  We have more “cyber friends” than real-life friends.  It happens to almost everyone.  Instead of mindful, we have become mindless.

Technology, more importantly, the smartphone, has greatly changed the way we interact and spend time with our family and friends.  It’s a way to “reach out” to the people we love from across the county, state, and even world.  It’s always exciting to connect with the special people in our lives.  We are addicted and continue the trend.

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