How Coaching Leads to a New Level of Mindfulness

Written by Lizzie Alberga of Collective Gain

Mindfulness is in. Big time. It’s often talked about in conjunction with meditation because mindfulness techniques are thought of to be a form of meditation. Mindfulness is defined as paying attention on purpose, to the present moment, without judgment.  It’s no wonder this ancient art has become so trendy. In the world of “liking” and “swiping” we spend hours judging whether what we see, experience is good enough for our favor. How freeing would it be to live without judgment surrounding every move?

The challenge is mindfulness, while it can be experienced intensely while meditating, brings up all sorts of emotions we often don’t know what to do with. Why do I feel insecure? Why can’t I unconditionally love myself? Why am I am not [fill in the blank], when in fact all I want to do is arrive at peaceful acceptance of who I am?

Instead of fighting those thoughts and telling them to go away, coaching helps you gracefully and actively replace them with thoughts of I AM and I CAN. Coaching transforms your mindfulness practice; from feeling pleasantly mindful for 30-minutes a day to 30 years of being happy right where you are. Yes, it’s that powerful.

When we work with a coach we embark on a grand de-cluttering adventure of ourselves, our spirit. We examine all that chatter, we thank it for its contributions, and we let it go. Actually, coaching isn’t that different than tidying up your garage – you open each drawer, keep what you want, you let go of everything else. Then, the next time you walk in your garage full of everything you love and want to experience, you feel unstoppable. Whatever weekend project is on your list, you got this.

Coaching works the same, except it has a particular focus on clearing judgment. It treats you, the seeker, as a perfect, whole and resourceful person who hasn’t been able to see the unique value you inherently hold – coaching clears the muck so you can see your value. Being mindful becomes less about fighting the voice and more about living in pure acceptance and awe of who you are and what you are on this earth to create.

Becoming present and in acceptance of the now without judgment becomes your way of life because you’ve learned to accept and cherish who you are without the need for external approval. It may feel hard to believe that arriving there is possible. But it is. Because when you understand, no deeply believe, that you have purpose you can create whatever it is you feel called to create, and you can’t judge yourself, as it’s you and only you, as you are, that can make all that you want happen.

Experiencing mindfulness comes easily when we work with a coach. We clear fears, old stories and self-criticism. Our culture likes to live on the surface. But why not dive deep? See and experience amazing things that awaken your soul so that when you get to the surface you realize the magic and magnificence that is this life and being mindful becomes part of who you are.

It is possible to live mindfully with ease,  live in awe of the now, of who we are and what we’re here to create. The benefit of working with a coach lasts forever. What you experience when you deeply get to know and appreciate who you are is the biggest gift someone can give themself.

Lizzie Alberga, Former Evite Vice President of Marketing, recently started Collective Gain, an exciting new personal transformation platform. Collective Gain matches up ambitious seekers with a carefully curated selection of high quality coaches. Collective Gain is different than other personal transformation brands, because it is the only company that exclusively focuses on 1:1 coaching as the key to personal growth. Lizzie wants to get more people interested in coaching, because she truly believes it’s the best tool out there for helping people reach their goals. She herself is not a coach, rather is a life-long seeker diving into the meaning and purpose of life with a personal mission to help people live happier more fulfilling lives.

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