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Matthew Fox

Hildegard & Eckhart With Matthew Fox

We are delighted to bring you this excerpt from the classic Hildegard & Eckhart from Matthew Fox.

“But I’m not talking about New York City. You hear them here probably more than they do. I’m talking about the countryside of Montana. Very serious things are happening out there, among the species of the planet. Ordinarily, you know, it takes 2,000 years for a species to go extinct. Today a species is going extinct 1 every 25 minutes. And when a species goes extinct, it goes extinct forever. We now know that a species is a once-in-a-universe event. There will never be another whale, another rose bush, another dogwood tree anywhere in the universe, except those that we behold and those that we cherish enough to, to change our ways so that other generations can cherish them.

Regarding the youth, the peril of the youth, there is so much evidence of the despair among the youth all over the world today. I’ve been doing work in Ireland and England this past summer and spring, and the amount of unemployment in the youth there is just, well, it’s a story that goes untold. As Dorothee Solle, who teaches here at Union, liberation theologian, says “It’s part and partial of an unjust society to cover up the pain of its victims.” The fact is that an adult society doesn’t even tell us what the youth are suffering. But people who are working closely with the youth, as counselors or as street people, ministers, and of course parents, grandparents, are beginning to feel something very significant is happening, in terms of despair versus hope.”


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