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Having Archaic and Eating it Too Lecture with Terence McKenna Part I

We are pleased to bring you another lecture from Terence McKenna – Having Archaic and Eating it Too.  In this lecture, he is feeding back to the psychedelic community of Los Angeles.  Terence McKenna delivers an hour of colorful and astounding visual transformations.
The doorway into nature and the doorway into a sense of our collectivity do not lie in the exterior world. It lies through ourselves.  We have the technologies, the data-gathering capacity, the capital investment capacity to save ourselves from the lethal forces unleashed by male dominance. But what we do not appear to have is the ability to feel our situation. To actually connect with the dire straits that we’re in. To feel our situation and then to act to do something about it.
We must change our minds.  This is the place that we’re coming to. We cannot change the world unless we change our minds. And I do not advocate a re-examination of the psychedelic experience because I think it’s a cheap fix or because I think it’s easy or because I think it has a high probability of success in turning around the lethal cultural direction in which we’re in. I speak for the integrity of the psychedelic experience because as far as I can tell it is the only possible solution.
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