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Guided Meditations to Overcome Disease

We all experience the dis-ease of modern life.

Disease or disfunction on a physical level may lead us to look for ways to aid in our own healing. Unfortunately, modern medicine generally looks for pharmacological prescriptions for  symptoms rather than looking deeper to the source of the original imbalances. While Western medicine is very helpful in re-setting bones and prescribing a pill to respond to a specific symptom, it does not always treat the DIS-EASE.   Examining how the body, mind, and spirit interact and knowing that your state of mind can literally transform your body is the single most powerful tool that you can utilize in improving your overall health and wellbeing. Your state of mind is not gauged by your optimism in life, it is not a reflection of your perspective, and it has nothing to do with you opinions.  The state of your mind is measured by the extent to which you can maintain a deliberate, witnessing awareness, and can be practiced through most types of meditation. This deliberate cognitive training increases your internal harmony of mind and spirit that then reflects directly on the state of your body. These systems are completely interconnected, and changing one manifests direct change on another.   A pioneer in mind-body medicine, Dr. Emmett Miller was “one of the first to realize that the mind functioned much like a bio-computer; it perceives, reasons, and feels the way it was programmed to; and this programming can be changed through the use of relaxed, meditation-like states and specific mental image rehearsal.” (Software for the Mind). Real bodily transformation can occur by rewiring our brain to be attuned to the organic internal congruence of our mind, body, and spirit. The easiest way to trigger our body to access this kind of integration is through deep relaxation and meditation. Only then can the healing of our bodies and minds begin through the gradual rewiring of your brain and nervous system.

We have the power to heal ourselves. 

  There are various forms of meditation that can help you achieve the goals of living more fully, managing your stress better, and finding deep and meaningful healing. Transcendental Meditation relies on a mantra to still the mind. Metta Meditation is the simple practice of directing loving kindness towards others, and even just taking your awareness to your breathing can become its own meditation. These are all beneficial and beautiful practices, but is there a way to take a more proactive approach in refining our minds in relation to our specific symptomatology? Our good friend Dr. Emmett Miller, a pioneer of Integrative Medicine, would say yes there is!     Dr. Miller has spent decades promoting wellness and healing through his guided meditation audio programs where he combines thoughtful guided meditations, imagery, and beautiful soundscapes together to offer targeting healing to very diverse populations. From healing from surgery, to relieving anxiety, to quitting smoking, weight-loss, and more, Dr. Miller’s programs have already helped thousands of people bring healing into their lives. Luckily, there is a plethora of recordings to choose from, for any symptom under the sun. Feel free to browse his titles here. All of Dr. Miller’s programs help manage stress, find deep healing, and peak performance, while discovering the power, inspiration, and deep love that is both within us and all around us.

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