Gifts To Promote Mindfulness In Other People

If you have recently discovered the benefits of being more self-aware, you may want to encourage your loved ones to be more mindful too. It is totally normal to want to share knowledge with other people, especially if the knowledge has changed your life for the better. However, you have probably also been on the receiving end of well-meaning advice that has felt pushy and preachy, and it is unlikely that you want to make your friends feel this way.

Thankfully, it is easy to introduce the lifestyle to others if you give them a gift, rather than a lecture. Here are three gift ideas to help you promote mindfulness in other people.

1) Meditation Lessons

If you have a stressed out friend who needs help relaxing, ask them if they want to try meditation lessons with you. As you know, meditation is one of the most effective natural mood boosters, helping you to be a happier person. Mood management is very important as stress related health problems are responsible for up to 80% of visits to the doctor, so many people struggle to deal with stress.

2) The Miracle Of Mindfulness

The Miracle Of Mindfulness: An Introduction To The Practice Of Meditation is a wonderful book that was written by Zen leader Thich Nhat Hanh. It was originally written as a long letter in Vietnamese aiming to teach and encourage others after the monk was exiled from Vietnam, and it is a great way to introduce meditation to other people. The book is positive, rather than preachy, which makes mindfulness seem more accessible and fun.

3) Mindful Subscription Boxes

Another option is treating your loved one to a mindful subscription box. A personalised subscription box is a great way to express your feelings for someone else, and it is very likely that your friend will feel loved and valued. If you decide to do this, there are lots of thoughtful subscription boxes for you to consider; you could treat them to gifts such as a yoga subscription box or a female focused mindful subscription box.

These three suggestions are non-pushy ways to introduce mindfulness to your loved ones, so they are more likely to be interested in the subject. It also means that they get to experience the lifestyle for themselves, rather than just hearing about it!

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