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Excerpt from “From Out of the Blue” from the Marianne Williamson Lecture Series

MarianneWilliamson-From-out_of_the_blue1600_mediumWe are pleased to present another excerpt from the Marianne Williamson Lecture Series. This talk, titled “From Out of the Blue”, was recorded in February 2010 in Los Angeles.

I want to talk tonight about what happens when we look at anything in our own lives  and we recognize that our power to look at what’s happening differently is what transforms it. The Course In Miracles talks about the difference between magic and the miraculous, and there is a lot of magic in the air these days. And magic is just where you use your mental power to bring something to bear. You can do that. I’m not even saying it’s bad, but whatever neuroses are entrenched within your behavioral patterns, the truth of the matter is even if you use magic, i.e. your mental power, to bring forth something good, if once you bring it forth, if it’s not aligned with where you’re really sitting within yourself, you’ll blow it anyway. Are you with me? And so, it’s much better to work from the inside out, to work the miraculous.

Now, magic is when you basically are taking universal forces and making them your errand boy, you know, I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this, I’m going to concentrate on this, I going to focus on this, I’m going to write that one down, whatever, right? That’s magic. That, once again, is not bad, but spiritually it’s immature. The miraculous is not where you’re coming from a place of I can have this, I can have this, I can have this.   Magic is, “Dear God please do this for me, please do that for me.” The miraculous is, “How can I serve you?” Right, it’s a devotional way. It’s a reverential way. It’s a higher level of spiritual vibration. And what it means is the recognition that as you find within yourself, in a way, that you cannot heal yourself. Because what happens with our neurotic patterns is sometimes it’s as simple as an “aha” moment. Sometimes it’s as simple as, “Oh I get that I do that. I won’t do that anymore.” But if you’re here, you know, and you’ve been here before, you know we’re having a deeper conversation than “Oh I get that I do that. I know I won’t do that anymore.”

The real despair in life is when not only did you blow it, but you blew it in the same way you’ve blown it before, and you thought you got that about yourself and you thought you had exited the zone of that pattern. Are you with me? And that’s when a neurotic pattern…  that happens also as we get older, because it’s just like anything else — it becomes kind of entrenched, right? And so it becomes a pattern that’s not so easy to change.

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