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Don’t Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind – A Nutritional Masterclass with Dr Joel Fuhrman

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. To live a truly healthy life we have to take care of not just our mind but our body and spirit. Anyone who has tried to diet knows, it is not easy and we often fail. This is exactly why 7 times New York Times best-selling author and board-certified Family Physician Dr Joel Fuhrman has put together this powerful Masterclass, Don’t Change Your Diet, Change your Mind – A Nutritional Masterclass with Dr Joel Fuhrman. In this masterclass Dr Joel Furhman uncovers the reasons why dieting fails and helping us to understand this and how we can overcome it. This preview is a taster of what you can expect throughout his master class

The other thing is the most remarkable finding is that the higher consumption of nuts and seeds in the diet have dramatic effects to reduce heart attack deaths by 40%, even 1.5 ounces of nuts and seeds today, compared to people in half an ounce a day, have a difference in heart attack rates of 40%. And of course reducing all cause of reducing all causes death, including cancer deaths and increasing lifespan. And we’re talking about not using oil or animal fats, not using butter, olive oil, coconut oil, Okay, we’re talking here about eating the whole walnut, not the walnut oil, the whole sesame seed, not the sesame oil, the whole avocado, not the avocado oil, the whole olive, not the olive oil. We’re talking about eating whole food sources of fat has dramatic protective effects on extending people’s life span as well And it facilitates the absorption of the fat soluble compounds in the phytochemicals, these phytochemicals that come into the bloodstream. 

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