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Dean Ornish: Reversing and Preventing Chronic Diseases Through Lifestyle Changes –

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In this episode, Dr. Dean Ornish discusses his book Un Do It, which discusses heart disease and a plant-based diet. He explains how these two factors are linked, and how a plant-based diet can help to prevent or reverse heart disease.

If you’re looking to improve your health and prevent heart disease, be sure to watch this video! Dr. Ornish shares his insights on a plant-based diet and why it’s such a powerful tool for preventing and reversing heart disease. This episode of the StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast is a must-listen if you’re interested in plant-based medicine and health!


Inspired insight and full of incredible wisdom featuring wellness tools and science from the brilliant best selling author of Un Do It.

Dr. Dean Ornish has pioneered research that has revealed the importance of lifestyle changes as an effective tool in reversing and preventing certain chronic diseases and even reversing the aging process at the cellular level. Among his recommendations is a whole-foods, plant-based diet and exercises, stress management, and friends and family connections, as well as reducing loneliness and depression. His research, which has been put into a book titled “Undo It” has shown that major lifestyle modifications can be far more effective than medications in fighting certain conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, his program is available online, meaning people from all walks of life can access and benefit from it. Eating a plant-based diet has been linked to a lower risk of COVID-19, furthering the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, his program has created a Facebook group to offer support and understanding from around the world.

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