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conscious design of pure happiness
Emily Fletcher

Designing Your Happiness Part 2

We are delighted to share with you an excerpt from Emily Fletcher’s Conscious Design of Happiness series for those looking for ways to become more fulfilled. Click here to read part one of this post.

We have a different program, okay? And that program is we’ve got to meditate and we’ve got to perform action. We’ve got to do both. Okay? So Maharishi, who, P.S., was a celibate and was a monk, but he knew it since he was nine, and he actually was reclusive for like 50 years. He didn’t come out of the mountains until he was 50. Actually, will you crack that window for me a little bit? Thank you. He had a saying. Maharishi is my teacher’s teacher, and he had a saying, “If you want to access the absolute, meditate. If you want to substantiate the absolute, perform action. If you want to access the absolute, meditate.” Thank you, darling. That’s perfect. “If you want to substantiate the absolute, perform action.” Okay? And this is the householder’s creed.
Now, if you’re a monk, you can meditate all day. That is your contribution to society, right? You’re not making candlesticks and shoes and bread and stuff. And you’re not interacting with people. And you’re not raising children. So your contribution to society is that you’re meditating all the time, sort of purifying the collective consciousness. But if you’re a householder, you’ve got to ground yourself in being and then perform action. And that’s our theme song. Okay? Grounded in being, perform action.
Man: You know, close your eyes, and you know, you have the intent to meditate, but do not think the mantras. So it’s basically, don’t try to design anything, and that’s what sort of broke it for him. And the mantra came to him, and he just realized it didn’t have to. But, it was just that, you know, that trying to force it that actually had that opposite effect.
Woman: Yeah, I just 100% agree with you. We were just talking about earlier about getting pregnant. But, you know, phases in acupuncture. So, she was saying women come to her trying to get pregnant. She’s like, okay, for the next four months, you’re not allowed to try to get pregnant. We’re going to take care of you, we’re going to really nurture the body. And then like, two months later, they’re pregnant. Because they’re not trying to get pregnant.
So, then just, I think we’re talking about two different things. I think we’re talking about trying to force a result or a benefit, versus, I’m sort of assuming we’re at that baseline. Right? Like, working from that baseline of surrendering and letting nature use you as a vessel. And sort of like, next step. What’s next? Right, once we’ve really sort of, like, getting rid of these outer, crunchy, crispy layers of the un-stressing, we’re getting pretty good at the surrendering. You know, we’re starting to understand how nature’s using us as a vessel, and what about, what then, you know? That’s to me, this conversation.
Man: Again, I think a lot of people associate it, it has to be your career. You know, that it has to be, that’s where you have to get all this fulfillment. Or, that’s where you’re going to have to change the world. And I think, for most people, most really happy people I know, are not doing necessarily like, life changing careers. Actually, the people I know that are involved in like, super life, you know, world changing environment things.

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